Lamital – About Us

Presenting, Lamital, an integrated digital marketing & online product sales support platform. This digital tool, which has been highly appreciated by architects and interior designers, is a collaboration between Wolves Creata and an Italian company. Lamital incorporates services like social media management, employee support systems, dealer support, architect connectivity, daily reminders and product presentations in both hard and soft copy formats. Lamital is not just about just uploading or boosting posts online. Lamital plays a big role in generating inquiries, converting inquiries into orders, managing orders and developing a vast network. It can essentially help run your business from anywhere at any time.
Lamital focuses on several aspects of the business to create a well-coordinated strategy to promote, engage customers and deliver products around the world in the safest manner possible. The software will be all one needs to maintain hygienic conditions, ensure the safety of customers and fulfill export conditions.

Lamital has been specially optimized to ensure it gives the best digital presentation of the product’s design, texture and color. Be it on phone screens or on desktops/laptops, Lamital gives high-resolution output for an excellent display of the product. The vision behind creating this tool was to digitize the traditional operations of the laminate industry, and create a safe sales platform for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, architects and interior designers. Lamital promotes innovations and the quick implementation of these innovations in the laminate business, giving manufacturers an upper hand.

Digitization in the laminate industry can be a new dawn. Wolves Creata and Lamital are ready to secure your future by streamlining your business with digital promotions and online activities. Lamital will give you the freedom and necessary support to embrace digitization and serve your customers in a safe manner while improving your sales.

Online Services

  • Integrated social media marketing
  • Digital catalogue designing
  • Product digitalization & promotion
  • SEO and SEM support for the export market
  • Continuous website management
  • VR showroom support

Offline Services

  • Catalogue printing
  • Sales Team Support
  • Reports and reminder generation
  • Product Preview creation
  • Product photoshoots
  • Showroom Support
  • Interior Design Support